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The 'Gas Safety Inspection' covers the inspection of all gas appliances for safety, ensuring they are operating correctly and the safety devices are working properly. The inspection also looks at Ventilation, Flues, Regulators, Pipes & Pipework, no servicing of appliances are carried out. This is similar to an MOT you would have on your car.

Sometimes a service is required for the appliance to pass the inspection, in this case the customer would be advised. However, we do recommend having a full gas service carried out at the same time, saving you money as the joint cost is much cheaper than having the work carried out separately. Appliances that are serviced on a regular basis burn hotter and more efficiently, consequently saving on gas consumption.

A Legal Requirement

A 'Gas Safety Inspection' or 'Leisure Industry Landlords Gas Safety Record' is carried out on Holiday Homes. This is a legal requirement of the owners/landlords which must be carried out annually by a qualified Gas Safe Registered Engineer.

Caravan Gas Tests in Skegness Lincolnshire

How to stay safe!

• Get all your gas appliances serviced on a regular basis and safety checked annually
This will reduce the risk of carbon monoxide and ensure your appliances are working safely and efficiently.

• Do not block the ventilation
Gas appliances need air to burn correctly, safely and efficiently.

• Know the danger signs
You cannot see, taste or smell carbon monoxide. The flames on your appliance should burn with a crisp blue flame. If it burns with a lazy yellow or orange flame, or if you notice sooting or staining, you could be at risk so get it checked out by a 'Gas Safe' Registered Engineer

• Fit an audible Carbon Monoxide Alarm
There should be two alarms, one in the living area and one in the master bedroom. They should be tested once a month, and never remove the batteries. There is no substitute for properly functioning audible alarms. Do not be tempted to fit the cheaper 'black spot' detectors as they won't sound an alarm to alert you to potential danger

• If The Alarm Goes Off
Make sure everyone leaves the holiday home.
Turn off the gas at the meter or cylinder valve.
Get medical attention for anyone feeling unwell.
Possible symptoms are headaches, nausea, breathlessness, dizziness, Collapsing and becoming unconscious. (You cannot smell, taste or see Carbon Monoxide)
Get your gas engineer to check your appliances
Do not enter until a responsible person has told you it is safe to do so.

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